Saturday, August 29, 2009

Save your home

A friend of my father that lives in Monsey came to Tzefat this past week and gave this Mezuzah copy to my father.
He was having floods in his home and kept on calling plumbers to fix it and they could not find the cause to the floods, Then he was told to check his Mezuzas and found that two of them were not kosher, after he replaced them the floods stopped, he had to spend $40,000 to fix the damage..
Please before buying Mezuzas, do a little research on the Sofer and make sure the Mezuza was checked by a Sofer AND by computer.
There are so many sad stories, sick children, trouble and broken homes and a lot of this could be prevented by having a good Kosher Mezuzah…


Abba said...

Peleh ployim. And it's even a very nice mehudar ksav! Oy!

Shmuel the Sofer said...

When my father told me about it, I thought it's some cheap Mezuzah, but when I saw it, I was in shock. the Sofer is writing for a long time and who knows how many Mezuzas and Tefillin are out there with this mistake, it's just terrible.

Yonah said...

wow! how does something like that happen???

Shmuel the Sofer said...

I don't know how this could happen and I don't get how it went through the Bal Magiah. Today computer checking is a must, I was told that in America they don't really do computer checking, I tell people all the time that since it came out, it's a must….

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